Joe Paquet and John Cosby have felt from the beginning of this project that self-funding would allow for honest and undirected exploration of the Rust Belt and related remnants of “The Great Generation.” The creation of this unique body of work depicting American sites of important Industrial contribution, as they are today, and the communities that supported the workforce, tells a story of where we came from and where we are now as a nation.

After traveling many thousand miles and creating over 75 % of this exhibit we feel it is time to ask for support in this project.
With sponsorship we feel we can finish the painting collection within a year.
We will then curate, frame, and record each work for the Book.
Museums also invite Name sponsorship for exhibits such as this.

In recognition of the needs of this Exhibit we are offering a few types of sponsorship.

Name Sponsorship                                                                                       $500K
This is a headlining name of your Company or Family name attached to the Exhibit wherever it goes.

Traveling Exhibition Sponsorship                                                 Variable by Venue
This will feature your Company/Family name and one or many venues across the country.
This sponsorship can be for one or multiple Venues.

Artist Sponsorship                                                                                       $500K
This level of sponsorship will also feature names that are involved at each venue as supporting the creation of the actual paintings.
All names will be listed in book, catalog and videos made on this project.

If you or your business has an interest in being part of this Important American Story Please Contact us for more details

Thank you,
Joe and John

Please Contact:

John Cosby
1510 Avenida de la Estrella
Suite A
San Clemente CA 92672

We look forward to speaking with you.